We are
Home Of Faith

Home of Faith is more than just a place where those in need can seek comfort. It is a place that helps them all grow into strong and independent individuals who are capable of not only taking care of themselves, but are also determined enough to help others who are in similar situations.


Our Journey

Our journey began in 2007 when our loving Papa, Mr. Narayan, together with our Mama, Mrs. Radha Narayan, decided that helping children live better lives is what they wanted to do for the rest of their own lives.
Papa had already spent most of his life helping those in need. However, soon enough, he knew that simply providing children with a few meals or paying their school fees so that they could spend at least a year or two more in school just wasn’t enough.

To truly make a difference and to ensure that a child forsaken by the world truly finds his or her identity, Papa knew that he would have to commit himself to every minute of the child’s life. In taking care of their every need until they grow up, he would not only be ensuring that they have better lives but he would also be sowing another seed that would grow into a tree like himself that would know the true meaning of giving. Soon enough, our beautiful home began growing as more children began adopting it as their haven and today, we are one of the biggest and happiest families in Bangalore!

Now, although Papa and Mama have hearts as big as they can be, they do need all the help they can get to make sure all of us get nutritious food, good schooling and a chance at learning life skills that will help us grow up as giving individuals so that all of us find the right footing in the world outside. This is where you come in!

Be a part of our family

We would love to welcome you into our family! It doesn’t take a lot! We always welcome into our Home of Faith all those who wish to spend time with us and teach us a few lessons that will help us do well in life. And when you choose to give too, you can give in any way you like.

  1. You can choose to support our Papa and Mama in providing us with nutritious food

You could pay our school fees so we do not have to worry about changing schools or even giving up on an education

You could sponsor an outing for us (Oh, we love them!)

You could be a regular contributor and even adopt the needs of one or more of us as your own!


Papa says he needs all the help he can get, coz raising a large family such as ours is surely not easy.

So, here’s your chance to pitch in! All you have to do is to send in whatever you can to the following Bank Account: 

Home of Faith Charitable Trust, Canara Bank Account No. 3043101002057, Hennur Main Road Branch, IFSC Code: CNRB00003043

You can also call Narayan Papa on 9901397897.


We love the life we have at our beautiful Home of Faith

With you as part of our family, we would sure have less things to worry about. Oh, and maybe Papa and Mama too would stop worrying so much about all the things they have to worry about because of us!